At Landlab our praxis combines creativity and interdisciplinary dialog. Thus, each project starts with forming a specific team that incorporates from the very first moment the adequate experts. Geographers, ecologists, economists, engineers, architects and artists among other professionals, collaborate together with the aim of understanding and knowing the various ecological, economic, social and cultural relations involved in the project and establishing integrative proposals. While we attach a great importance to maintaining a strong sense of authorship we are also aware of the importance of participatory processes and collaboration; therefore we encourage the involvement of clients, technicians, institutions or communities during the development and management of the project.

We work inn complex environments at a broad range of scales, from the region to the place. We integrate soft ecological systems with design, technology and place, engaging different agents in the design process.

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Miriam García García

PhD in Architecture, Landscaping, Urban Planner and Founder and Director of LANDLAB, landscape laboratory, office based in Barcelona. From the studio I collaborate in different projects destined to the promotion and development of spatial planning, landscape and urban design with projects recognized at a national and international level, such as the Prize of the XII Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism. To this experience, I add my work the public administration for the Government of Cantabria, heading the General Directorate of Urban Planning and Territorial Planning at the beginning of my professional career (2003-2007).

I combine professional practice with research and teaching on both sides of the Atlantic. I have been a researcher, guest professor and lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard (US), Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and Universidad de los Andes (CO); Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (DR), the University of Rome La Spienza and the Polytechnic University of Milan (IT), as well as in several Spanish universities. I have directed the Degree in Landscaping at the Camilo José Cela University in Madrid and I am currently a Resident Professor at the Master Degree in Landscape Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan (IT); Professor in the Master in Landscape Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, as well as in the Master’s Degree in Urban Planning and Territorial Studies of the National Institute of Public Administration in Madrid.

My research and professional practice are linked to landscape and ecology as the engines of change in projects at multiple scales. In particular, the development of our studies and projects focus on the perspective of resilience to the effects of climate change. My doctoral thesis: Towards the Synthetic Metamorphosis of the Coast. Designing resilient landscapes. It has been selected to be part of the Spanish pavilion of the 16th Architecture Biennial to be held in Venice in 2018.

I am the author of more than 32 articles in books and 24 in national and international journals. And I collaborate in projects of social and ecological activism.



Paola Cuitiva

Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Arts of the Piloto University of Colombia.

MBLandArch student, Polytechnic University of Catalonia.











Daniel Lebourhis

MA (Hans) Landscape Architecture from Edinburgh College of Arts.













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