Coastal pedestrian path in La Franca

Place: La Franca, Pimiango. ASturias
Date: 2008-2009
Developer: Government of Asturias
Design/direction: Miriam García García
Team: Miguel Ángel Venegas


This project is located in the autonomous community of Asturias, in the north of the Iberian Peninsula and bordered by the Cantabrian Sea. This crosswalk development emerges from the Asturian Management Coastal Plan. The project consists of the recuperation, integration and accessibility improvement of the coastal path between Pimiango and Franca beach in the town of Colombres. The project recreates the sensory and emotional landscape of the coast and was developed specifically for blind people. The trail incorporates tactile signage to enable the blind people to understand the changes in landscape and vegetation. They can touch sculptures which represent different types of leaves to feel it.