Micedo Marsh Recovery

Place: Ria del Carmen, Cantabria.

Date: 2016- In progress

Design/management: LANDLAB for Asociación RIA 

Design team: Miriam García García, Diego Cícero, Paola Cuitiva, Joan Suñé, Charles Roitel.

The RIA Life project goal is to develop and implement an innovative approach for the sustainable restoration of estuarine habitats (currently contaminated) along with the associated services that they provide. The project designs preliminary actions for the phytodepuración of the water, actions that will lead to the improvement of the environmental quality and also the quality of the water from riverine damaged natural spaces of the Ría del Carmen and Boo, as well as the management of its use and management (concentrated in Monte Parayas and the surroundings of Polígono de Trascueto).

A circulation system has been designed to enhance the water phytodepuration processes. It is the real engine of this project and represents an opportunity for the recovery of the spaces related to the estuary and its use as public enjoyment. In this way, the project is not only an environmental recovery but also includes a swimming pool and a solarium area, along with paths and landscaping spaces. In addition, a set of complementary facilities and necessary infrastructures for the proper functioning of the project have been designed such as the RIALAB research center, a warehouse available for workshops, nurseries and sustainable biomass management infrastructures through composting and historical, besides a historical and environmental disclosure (interpretive itineraries) that would also be concentrated in Monte Parayas and in the vicinity of Polígono de Trascueto and will address to Ria del Carmen Park.