Coastal Management Plan Cantabria

Place: Cantabria
Date: 2002-2004
Developer: Gobierno de Cantabria   
Design/direction: Eduardo Delgado Orusco  
Regional  analysis : Department of Geography and Urbanism University of Cantabria - Cantabria Government
Team: José Ortega Valcárcel, José Vicente Mediavilla Cabo, Ana Sanchez Lamelas, Gema Sotero Castanedo, Gabriel Ortiz Rico, Guillermo Pelayo Pardo, Jose Luis Gochicoa, Angel de Diego Celis, José Ramón Lomba Gutierrez, Alvaro García-Diego Villarías, Belén Cebada Torre, Enrique Alonso Moreno, Ana Vidal de Cos, Susana Merino Verdejo. 

The Coastline Management Plan is a regional plan for the coast of Cantabria. Its main objective is to ensure the effective overall protection of the coastal area in the Regional Community. It is the first and unique regional law for the protection of coastal areas in Spain. The Plan establishes physical protection criterion for the coastal areas and specifically for the coastal countryside, as well as a global criterion for the management of the different uses and activities in the area. The Plan is designed as a regional planning tool that sets the general standards for protecting the coastal environment; it also orientates urban growth strategies and the implantation of infrastructures. It conceives protection and management as two complementary activities in a strategy for sustainable development. Conservation actions are also proposed for the restoration of the coastal area.