Written at the place. The intangible values of the landscape

Journal: ZARCH. Journal of interdisciplinary studies in Architecture and Urbanism nº1
Article: Written at the place. The intangible values of the landscape
Date: 2013
Author: Miriam García García
Publisher: Universidad de Zaragoza
Pages: 12

Beyond the boundaries of a physical space, places, as a means where it is registered the way in which man relates to the world, contain multiple spatiotemporal realities. Its reading requires, therefore, a look that can decipher the universe of ecological, historical, perceptual and cultural relationships that characterize them. However, at the present time, technique and reason seem to have tipped the balance on the tangible values against the intangible ones, banishing to oblivion its cultural, perceptual, emotional and phenomenological components.
This article takes a brief look at a range of experiences that, from different disciplines involved with space, allow us to approach a collective and timeless readability of the place. These looks fruit of memory, the experience and creativity, show a very clear direction to serve the project from its identity. In this context, to visualize the information and bring out elements and relations forgotten or unknown, is in itself a creative act that builds again the landscape we inhabit revealing its potential. Thus, the task of uncovering the traces of the place blurs the boundaries of duality between the tangible and the intangible to serve the project at all levels.