Landscape Perspectives for Planning

Journal: Constelaciones. Architecture magazine of the CEU San Pablo University, nº3
Chapter: Landscape Perspectives for Planning
Date: 2015
Author: Miriam García García
Publication: Fundación Universitaria San Pablo CEU
Pages: 125-139

Since the middle of the last century urbanism has undergone an evolution from the hand of other emerging disciplines like for example landscape. There are many authors who claim not only the incorporation of ecological values in planning, but the integration of social and cultural processes, of the organizational model of the territory, identity, even the symbolic aspect as necessary components to direct the contemporary processes of land use and occupation.

This planning proposal from the landscape is a reaction to zoning and planning models in which the potential of a site is consumed by contrasting the full against the vacuum, the city against nature, and the ordered versus the preserved.

In short, an urbanism in which the landscape apart from being an analysis tool becomes both creative instrument and site project with the help of ecology and design, leading to a new self-discipline.