Botanical Station

Rehabilitation and adaptation of 'Los Jardinillos' Park.

Place: Palencia, Spain

Date: 2017

Design: LANDLAB + Espegel fisac arquitectos

Authors: Miriam García García, Carmen Espegel Alonso

Collaborators: Caroline Nogueira, Dallely Cancino, Raquel García Moreno, Paola Cuitiva.


The proposal is simply to remove the obstacles from the base and build a hybrid surface of vegetation, soil and game, as a support for multiple ecological and social relations, canceling any element that hinders the overall vision of the park and giving it greater transparency and scope. Botanical Station refers to two concepts that have to do with movement, time and transformations:

     Station: Is a period of the year characterized by something, especially by certain atmospheric conditions, or for a certain activity.

     Botany: Is the science that deals with the study of plants, under all its aspects, which includes relationships with other living beings and effects caused on the environment in which they are.

     Botanical Station: Is a garden in Palencia, a garden of a thousand gardens, a dense carpet, changing and comfortable, covered by a forest of time. A place of surprises, encounters and movement. A door to discovery from exploration and the senses.

The Park develops new flows that will accommodate different users, such as the tourist who arrives in Palencia to visit its places of interest, historical monuments, viewpoints, green routes, people from the province who come to make purchases or procedures, those who live at another side of the train track in the residential polygons, or the neighbour from the surroundings.