Guidelines for impact and landscape integration studies in Galicia

Date: 2012
Author/s: Miriam García García, Manuel Borobio Sanchiz, Francisco Castillo, Juan López Bedoya, Cruz Louzao Pernas, Encarnación Nieto Zas, Augusto Pérez Alberti
Publisher: Galicia: Xunta de Galicia
Pages: 121

One of the main characteristics of Galicia is its landscape richness and unique. It is an unquestionable heritage resource of general interest, the living memory of its people and one of the main elements of its identity. For that reason this Guidelines presents a holist approach, inspired in the European landscape Convention, to define a methodology for the elaboration of an Impact Study of Landscape Integration in Galicia. This strategic and informative document constitutes the framework tool for new constructions in rural and natural areas. For this, the comprehension and the identity of the inherent natural and cultural values of the landscape are recognized as the best starting points for the location and design of the new constructions.