Open City. The challenges of the future.

Learning to Multiply

The renaturation of Somes waterfront in Arhitectura Magazine

UrbanNext: Liquid Margins

"Architecture from home"

Give me back my life, give me back the coast

UrbanNext: 2100 Climate Change Scenarios: Barcelona’s Coastline.

Quality study for the resilient design to the effects of climate change in the southern Hemidelta del Llobregat.

From risk to resilience. Towards the design and adaptive management of the landscape.

Generative landscapes. From control to the wild through resilient design

The Reinvention of the Coast
2100: Climate change scenarios of the metropolitan coast of Barcelona

rita_11 - Indexed journal of academic texts
The reinvention of the coast. Designing resilient landscapes.

UNDO! Desurbanizar
Diseñando la resiliencia

GeoUrbanismos II: Cartography of the affections (Cityfollowers)
Verde Begoña

JIDA’18 VI Conference of Teaching Innovation in Architecture
Learning from landscape: Time as an element of renaturalization of the city

Europan España Results
Productive Cities and Resilient Landscapes

Urban Visions - From Planning Culture to Landscape Urbanism
Urban Resilience - Towards a Global Sustainability

Urban Visions - From Planning Culture to Landscape Urbanism
Mapping Urbanism, Urban Mapping

Urban Visions - From Planning Culture to Landscape Urbanism
New Landscapes Perspectives for Planning

Urban Visions - From Planning Culture to Landscape Urbanism
The Intangible Values of Landscape

Towards the design of a resilient landscape in Jordanal, Altos del María (Panama)

JACA Ciudadpaisaje/Landscapecity
From urban design to landscape urbanism

Becoming_Spanish pavilion for the Biennale Architettura 2018

Urban Visions
Urban Resilience. Towards global sustainability

 Urban Visions
Mapping Urbanism, Urban Mapping

Urban Visions
New perspectives for landscape in urban planning

Urban Visions
Intengible values of landscape

The Spanish coast: more than a quarter of a century adrift

Geourbanisms: Atlas of the Emerging City
Landscape as infrastructure

Undoing Design, Producing Identity

A Green Infraestructure
UCJC Escuela de Arquitectura y paisaje

The Territory Inhabited, Resilient cities
The enlightment function of risk
Universidad Francisco de Vitoria